Arc Floor Lamp – Models, Reviews, Helpful Tips

Arc floor lamp is one of the most attractive types of floor lamps that will be a special highlight of the room interior. Floor lamp is a lamp that performs lighting and decorative functions. Classic floor lamp consists of a base, a direct leg and lampshade. Arc floor lamps have a curved leg, so they are becoming perfect design element that is able to create an unique atmosphere in the room and decorate any room interior.

Among all the decorative lighting devices, arc floor lamps stands out for its mobility. Regardless of its size, you can easily move it to any place in your home.

Functions and Assignment of Arc Floor Lamp

Before you proceed to the choice of a floor lamp, you must determine what role it would play to you. Properly selected arc lamp is able to emphasize the solidity of the office, living room style and to add comfort in the bedroom. Careful placement of the lamp will help to focus attention on the merits of the interior and hide his weaknesses. And so it is necessary clearly understand why you need an arc lamp, to spend no money needlessly.

The main function of an arch floor lamps is of course lighting. But this concept can be ambiguous.

If you want to replace the basic lighting by arch floor lamp in this case you should consider the following:

  • If the room is quite spacious in this case, probably will not be enough of one floor lamp.
  • It is necessary to choose lamps with high leg, the height of which will be at least 6.5 ft.
  • Also, you should pay attention to the floor lamps with multiple plafonds.

These lamps will look much better in spacious surroundings.

If you are looking for an arch floor lamp for pleasant pastime with a book on a cozy sofa or chair, then choose the low lights, with a shade of pastel tones, as well as who has the ability to change the light direction in the right direction. Reading a much more pleasant and useful to the eye with the arc floor lamp than with chandeliers as the light source.

With the floor lamps, you can make various accents to your interior. If the light of the arc lamp to send to the lower part of the room, you are visually reduce the room and fill the room with warmth and comfort. If the light from the lamp is directed upward, then you will be able to visually increase the height of the ceilings.
Arc floor lamps can give any room a special soft and soothing background lighting.

Tip: When choosing a floor lamp, always pay attention to its height, that it does not hit you in the eye when reading the book.

Arc Floor Lamp Types

  1. The arc floor lamps can have from 1 plafond to 5 plafonds;
  2. Material plafonds can be: plastic, glass, paper, cotton, lightweight metal and even ceramic;
  3. The leg material is most often a steel, bronze, brass, metal coated with silver or gold. More rarely the manufacturers use the tree as the material.
  4. For the manufacture of floor lamp base is most often used marble, metal and wood.

Many arc floor lamps often have light intensity regulator, by which you can easily change the light brightness.

If you choose an arch floor lamp to the kitchen, it is best to pay attention to the floor lamps made of plastic, metal or glass, which you can easily wash.

The respectable arc floor lamps will help create in the office a trust and comfortable atmosphere in which you can easily and naturally conduct important business meetings.

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