Arc Floor Lamp Marble Base

You are considering an arc floor lamp with marble base. Well, fine. These lamps look great in any interior. But the most important aspect of them, perhaps, is that the marble base gives them a very strong resistance. As the marble itself is very heavy stuff, which ensures that this floor lamp stability.

Marble base arc floor lamps, mostly come in three types:

  1. Round, due to high cylinder;
  2. Rectangular, with the longest side of which lies at an altitude of the base;
  3. And finally an ordinary round or rectangular, but the flat bottom as most standard floor lamps.

Basically the color of the marble is of two kinds, a white marble and black marble. These colors in combination with plants will give a naturalness and ecological your decor.

Prices for floor lamps with marble base, do not differ much from each other depending on the manufacturer, and fluctuating around $ 150-300. Basically it all depends on the shape of the base floor lamp that you have chosen.

So for example:

  1. Possini Euro White Marble Base Arc Floor Lamp – from $299.99
  2. Baxton Studio Arco Lamp Cube-Shaped Marble Base, White – from $345.00
  3. Chrome Arch Black Marble Base Floor Lamp by Universal Lighting and Decor – from $284.00

Possini Euro White Marble Base Arc Floor LampBaxton Studio Arco Lamp Cube-Shaped Marble Base, WhiteProduct Details

Does not really matter what floor lamp you choose, on their quality and sustainability it will not change. The main thing is that it must like you, and this floor lamp blends in with the whole interior of your room

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