Contemporary Arc Floor Lamp

Almost all contemporary arc floor lamps have the ability to alter the tilt angle and height of the support floor lamp, which changes the direction of light.

The light intensity varies with a special controller, which is equipped with contemporary arc floor lamp. The interior design recognized by the creators of comfort – it’s floor lamps.

Most of the models of contemporary floor lamps can be moved, and thus not only simulated lighting, but even changing and interior design. After experimenting with the direction of light, you can visually change the dimensions of the room: soft lighting directed upward floor lamps increases the room, and arc floor lamp, which illuminates the bottom of the walls – visually reduces the size of the room.

If you arrange the lamps in the corners (two floor lamps, measured diagonally), you can visually hide too elongated room.

The selected model should be fully in harmony with the surrounding decor. Nothing can spoil the design of the room, as incorrectly selected lamp. At the same time – nothing can serve as such a beautiful accent as well and tastefully chosen chandeliers, sconces and lamps, floor lamps.

The main decoration of the contemporary arc floor lamp – lampshades. It immediately catches the eye all the attention focused on it. A traditional shade made of fabric with a pattern or applique, embroidery and fringe. Support a floor lamp can be made of metal and even the precious wood.

When buying a floor lamp you should pay attention to its sustainability.

Perhaps you are interested in 5 Arm Arch Floor Lamps.

Below is a list of the most popular contemporary arc floor lamp.

1. Passion Arc Chrome and Red Contemporary Floor Lamp by E2 Lighting – from $315.00

Passion Arc Chrome and Red Contemporary Floor Lamp

2. Swarthmore Arc Floor Lamp, Chrome and Beige by Dimond – from $244.17

Swarthmore Arc Floor Lamp by Dimond

3. Nova

  • Wedge Floor Lamp in Dark Brown – from $639.99
  • Tangent Arc Lamp in Brushed Nickel – from $689.99
  • Tigre Arc Floor Lamp in Black Lacquer – from $689.99
  • Steccia Three Light Arc Floor Lamp in Black – from $409.99
  • Kobe Arc Floor Lamp in Dark Brown – from $520.00

4. Eileen Leaning Floor Lamp by Misewell – from $775.00
5. Miris Floor Lamp with Telescoping Arm Shade Finish: Black, Bulb. Type: Incandescent by Estiluz – from $2,370.00
6. &’Costa Steel Arc Floor Lamp – from $3,134.97

7. Vibia Lighting
– Balance Floor Lamp Size: 82.75″ H X 84.75″ Ext – from $3,694.50
Balance Floor Lamp by Vibia Lighting

8. I Tre

  • Giuko XXL Floor Lamp by I Tre – from $2,599.20
  • Katana Floor Lamp by I Tre – from $7,900.00

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