Milton Greens Stars Sophia Arc Floor Lamp with Marble Base, 81-Inch

Milton Stars Greens Sophia Arc Floor Lamp is of the most popular lamp by Milton Greens Stars. It has Marble base which gives stability for the lamp and adds an unique touch of style. You may ask us why this lamp so popular? Well this lamp have good quality and it’s not too much expensive compared to other brands.

It power cord have enough length to plug this lamp in anywhere. It length is about 64″. This floor lamp require one 100-Watt Light bulb (Type-A) or 23-Watt CFL. Light bulb is not included to the package, so you should buy one before.

This floor lamp by Milton Greens Stars is ideal for large seating areas. Due to its weight (which is 39.1 pounds) it is stable enough so you no need to worry if you have some pets at your home. Of course if they are not too big.

The material of the pole is a nickel. And this is awesome as the nickel always makes the product look more expensive.
Product dimensions is 81 x 8.6 x 18 inches. The dimension of the drum shade is about 7″ tall and 15″ wide. Always Check them before buy to be sure that it will perfectly fit in the selected area of the room.

Milton Greens Stars Sophia Arc Floor Lamp

Milton Greens Stars Sophia Adjustable Arc Floor Lamp with Marble Base, 81-Inch

The price of the Milton Greens Stars Sophia Arc Floor Lamp is starts from $107.00. But a lot of the online stores always offer coupons and the discounts, so you can get it a little cheaper if you will have some store coupon.

Overall this floor lamp is great but unfortunately it has one small flaw. This lamp has no dimmer. Why? Its not easy to say but if you want to have muffled light in your room we can advice to buy the low-power light bulb (for example 60-Watt or less)

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